Storm Warning
All compositions except "Can She Excuse My Wrongs" written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Andrew Roussak "Can She Excuse My Wrongs" composed by John Dowland ( 1563-1626 ), lyricist unknown. All instruments played, or programmed by Andrew Roussak. Backing vocals – Andrew Roussak Guest musicians: Nadia Ayche – lead vocals on Chasing Shadows Max Kottler – lead vocals on Left Alone Outside Selina Waidmann – lead vocals on Malta Sketches ( Sunset in Valetta ) Oli Weislogel – guitar solos on Left Alone Outside, Chasing Shadows, Sunset in Valetta. Special thanks to Alex "Axi" Heidt for the photo of my four keyboards :) Thank you to: panmichelle on ( video effects and editing ) Mike Koenig, Mark DiAnge on ( audio effects ) ( aerial views of Valetta ) Cover design : Atelje Studio , Belgrade, Serbia Equipment used: Kurzweil PC3, Hammond XK1, KAWAI MP7, Access Virus KC, Creamware Noah Software: Cakewalk SONAR X1 Pro, MusicLab, Native Instruments, Toontrack, IK Multimedia. Mastering software: IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console I want to thank my family: Julia, Jane and Stefi , and my Mom and Dad for their endless love, support, patience and inspiration, and my piano teacher Antonina Worontsowa for teaching me how to play music. I thank God for the miracle of life. © 2018 Andrew Roussak. All rights of the producer and owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting, copying, sampling and file sharing of this recording are strictly prohibited without written consent and punishable by law. No. MRRCD-22169 Licensed to Melodic Revolution Records 1705 Edgewater Drive, Box 540212 Orlando, Florida USA 32854-0212 Babyblaue Seiten, Nik Brueckner ( Germany ) - 01.06.2019, Holland - Hans Ravensbergen - 14.06.2019 DPRP ( UK ) - Mark Hughes, 21.07.2019 Background Magazine ( Holland ) - Erik Neuteboom, 14.07,2019 Big Beautiful Noise ( USA ) - Lee Henderson , 01.07.2019 Progressive Rock Radio of Quebec ( CAN ) , 07.10.2019 Sea Of Tranquility ( USA ) - Jon Neudorf, 30.09.2019 Order this album: please pay 13,50 Euro per CD incl. shipment worldwide with PayPal ( link below ) on my email and give me your address. Your copy will be SIGNED and sent right away!