Performed and recorded by Andrew Roussak on KAWAI GE-20 grand piano Mastered by Sebastian Roeder at Backyard Studios, Kempten, Germany All compositions written by Andrew Roussak except 2 ( Engl.trad.) and bonus tracks 11 ( aria from "Hunting Cantata", BWV 208, J.S. Bach ) and 12 ( duet for soprano and alto from Cantata "Jesu Der Du Meine Seele", BWV 78, J.S. Bach ) Published by MUSEA Rec., France , DR - 8470
12 original tracks 8 pages colour booklet Original artwork by Martin "Man In The Mountain" Kornick ( references: Keith Emerson Band, Ajalon, Neal Morse...) Layout by Bernd Roehrig Cover photos of Andrew Roussak made by GLEBSKIE I want to thank my family, Julia and Jane, and my Mom for their endless love, support, patience and inspiration, and my piano teacher Antonina Worontsowa for teaching me how to play music. I thank God for the miracle of life.
Die CD Blue Intermezzo wurde im November 2010 von MUSEA Rec. France - label für die progressive und neo-klassische Musik - veröffentlicht. Dieses hochqualitatives Produkt können Sie einfach hier DIREKT BEI MIR bestellen - falls gewünscht, unterschrieben ,und mit Ihrem Wunschtext darauf! Bitte schreiben Sie mir einfach eine Email. Preis ( innerhalb EU ) - nur 10,00 Eur inkl. Versand! This CD was published in November 2010 by MUSEA Rec. France / les classiques du futur. CD status - Audio CD, transparent tray, 8 page colour booklet. You can order this high quality audio product here, directly from me - personalised and signed! Please just send me an email. Price - only 10,00 Euro ( within Europe ), I pay the shipment! Important: if you are US-CAN-South America-Asia....any region of the world other than Europe - please order this CD on CDbaby . Available as a physical CD, as well as a full- and track-by-track download.
Blue Intermezzo
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"...One of the things that makes Roussak unique is that he seems to be equally comfortable with classical, jazz, and rock music and often combines the styles within the same pieces. His mastery of the piano is readily apparent with dazzling fingerwork and impeccable technique... Blue Intermezzo is a breath of fresh air and I look forward to hearing more music from Andrew Roussak for many years to come! I give it my highest recommendation!" Kathy Parsons, USA
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